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Kim Kardashian Loves Breastfeeding and Finds it Beautiful? Returns to Social Media For Sister's Birthday

Kim Kardashian breaks her social media silence since the birth of North West?

Win tickets and hotel stay for the PACIFIC RIM European Premiere ? in cinemas July 12th The beautiful bundle of joy was born on June 15, weighing in at 4 pounds, 15 ounces. Due to being so small, the couple had to wait a week before taking her home from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on June 21. But they are in baby heaven. "They are both so in love with their little girl," a friend said. And not only is Kardashian getting the hang of motherhood, she is getting back into the swing of things and to her media-darling life. She broke her 12 day Kim Kardashian Superstar part 2 Twitter silence for her little sister, Khloe's birthday on Thursday. Then- @khloekardashian The birthday girl!
Source: http://www.beautyworldnews.com/articles/4390/20130628/kim-kardashian-loves-breastfeeding-returns-twitter-sisters-birthday.htm

Kim Kardashian Gives Birth: Timeline of the Reality Starlet's Pregnancy Dramas

Kim Kardashian Gives Birth: Timeline of the Reality Starlet The 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' star, who had been an active user of her Twitter account, had been inactive since she welcomed her little girl with her beau Kanye West nearly two weeks ago, the Mirror reported. But the star took to the social networking site to share some old and new pics of the Kardashian clan as a birthday gift for Khloe. While uploading the first set of old images to her Instagram page, the 32-year-old reality starlet tweeted: "Then - @khloekardashian The birthday girl! I love you so much!!!!" The first compilation of family photos, which appear to be from her younger days, all show Khloe with her sisters, brother Rob , mother Kris Jenner and her late father Robert Kardashian. The second set of pics put up by the new mum feature Khloe with all her elder siblings. Along with the subsequent picture, she wrote: "Now - @khloekardashian The most loyal and supportive person on the planet!
Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/entertainment/hollywood/news-interviews/Kim-finally-returns-to-twitter-after-giving-birth/articleshow/20815536.cms

I am still shaking! He put me in such danger! When will this legalized stalking stop???!!!???" A Kardashian is still going strong with her exercising, Tweeting , "Rise & grind! Workout time!" Despite swelling in her toes and ankles, Kardashian, clad in a Givenchy White Open Sleeve Midi dress, continues to wear shoes that wrap around tightly in those areas in this case, they're Givenchy's Albertina Podium heels. Kardashian vows she's taking a final trip to Paris and then she's done traveling until she gives birth.
Source: http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20709975,00.html

Kim finally returns to twitter after giving birth

I love you so much! You are the most supportive loyal person I know, never change!!! Nawww. Sisterly love. Now, pictures of North West ASAP please, Kim.
Source: http://www.heatworld.com/Celeb-News/2013/06/Kim-Kardashian-breaks-her-social-media-silence-since-the-birth-of-North-West/

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